Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are you looking for a clinic in Perth that can offer you a range of affordable options for wisdom teeth extractions?

Well at Perth Sleep Dentistry, one of the main procedures we perform is the removal of wisdom teeth. We offer a full range of affordable sleep dentistry options, including IV Sedation and treatment under a general anaesthetic in hospital (which if you have health insurance with hospital cover, then the hospital stay and anaesthetist costs are GAP FREE*)

We also offer a variety of payment plan options, including Afterpay, ZipMoney and Denticare to help with the cost of treatment. This can allow you to split the payments in to 6 monthly installments

Why would I choose sleep dentistry to have my wisdom teeth out?

There are various reasons that people choose some form of sedation when having their wisdom teeth removed, such as:

  • The invasive nature of the procedure
  • The difficulty of the extraction
  • Those who suffer from dental phobia/anxiety

Due to the fact that the extraction of wisdom teeth can be quite an invasive procedure, and many people prefer to be put to sleep for this.

Also if the wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning they are prevented from fully erupting, then it can in many cases be a safer option to remove them while the patient is sedated.

Why do my wisdom teeth need to be extracted?

Not all wisdom teeth actually do need to be removed. Those that have erupted, are well maintained and not causing any crowding issues can obviously be maintained in most situations, and just monitored in line with your check-up and clean.

Also in cases where the wisdom tooth is completely impacted and not posing a risk to other teeth, or where the risks of extracting outweigh the risk of the tooth causing any trouble we will usually take a more conservative approach of not extracting, but monitoring the teeth at your regular check-ups.

The following situations may necessitate the wisdom teeth to be removed:

  • Difficulty cleaning them, or evidence of decay
  • Crowding issues, or where required as a part of orthodontic treatment
  • Where they are impacted and causing a risk to other teeth

How much will it cost?

We have one of the most affordable sleep dentistry offerings in WA.

If you have private health insurance, with hospital cover, then having your treatment done in hospital is gap free for the hospital stay and anaesthetist costs. Therefore it is no more expensive than having it done in the clinic.

Click here to see our costs for IV Sedation and also for treatment, such as extractions

Will it hurt having the tooth extracted?

Obviously with any extraction there will likely be some post-operative discomfort, however this is easily managed with pain relief (that will be prescribed by the dentist)

As for during the procedure we have means to reduce, or eliminate, the pain depending on the type of anaesthetic we use.

Local Anaesthetic (with or without the use of Penthrox or Laughing Gas):

For the simpler extractions the use of local anaesthetic will reduce the pain associated with the procedure (as the area will be numb) however you will still feel pressure from the extraction.

The use of laughing gas or penthrox (the green whistle) will likely help to relax you, however the effects can differ from person to person, and may not be all that effective on some people.

IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry):

With IV sedation, sedative drugs are administered intravenously, to put you in to a “sleep like state”. Although you are not completely unconscious (meaning you are still breathing on your own) you will not feel anything during the procedure, nor will you have any memory of the procedure.

With IV sedation you will also feel as though no time has passed, so as soon as the drug has been administered you will then feel as though you have just “woken up” and the procedure is done.

You will need someone to drop you off and pick you up after the procedure and cannot drive for 24 hours.

General Anaesthetic:

There is also the option to have them removed under a general anaesthetic at St John of God Midland. In this case you will be unconscious, so you will not have any pain during the procedure, nor will you be aware of what is going on.

Is aftercare provided? And does this cost?

Yes aftercare is provided on all of our treatment, and as our general dental clinic is open 6 days a week there is someone available every day if you need them.

All aftercare is free of charge as well. We want to ensure that all of our patients feel as though they can come back to us if they have any concerns without the worry of being charged additional fees

Are there cases where you refer out to specialists?

Yes, in cases where it requires a referral to an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon we will make the appropriate recommendation and referral. These cases tend to be rare, as we have experienced surgeons who can perform complex extractions, however there are cases where they have higher than normal risks, and therefore need the appropriate management.

Do you offer any payment plans?

Yes we do. We offer Afterpay, ZipMoney and Denticare.


Afterpay Dentist in Perth

Afterpay Allows you to pay your treatment off in 4 interest free instalments. Typically it is used for smaller amounts, and the application process is quite simple. Find out more here


ZipMoney dentist in Perth

ZipMoney Allows you to pay your treatment off in 6 interest free instalments. Like Afterpay it is typically used for smaller amounts, and again the application process is quite simple


Denticare This is essentially a direct debit arrangement, where you are able to pay off the treatment over 9 months. It is interest free, and the application process is quite simple. This is used for treatment plans that exceed the maximum allowed by Afterpay and ZipMoney

I have a quote from another dentist, can you provide a comparison quote?

Yes we can. Obviously the more information we get the easier this is.

If you have a recent treatment plan from your existing dentist then that is obviously helpful, as it provides the necessary codes we require.

We are also happy if you have a recent OPG X-ray to forward that through to us.

Obviously any quotes provided are indicative, and prior to confirming these we will need to see you for a consultation in person

If you would like a quote please feel free to call us on 08 6118 2616 or feel free to email us at reception@perthsleepdentistry.com.au

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