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Listed below are some common questions we get asked, however if it doesn’t appear here then feel free to give us a call, email or web enquiry

  • Do you charge more for each procedure under sleep dentistry?
    • No, all of our fees are in line with the fees we charge in our general dental clinic. So the cost of a simple extraction (311) is $166 for both patients of our general clinic, and those of Perth Sleep Dentistry. There is however a cost for the sedation, and a charge of $150 for the drugs used in IV sedation. For more information on our costs click here
  • What is the minimum age someone can be treated under sleep dentistry?
    • For IV Sedation the minimum age is 5 years old, however there is no age limit for treatment under a general anaesthetic in hospital click here to go to our “Kids Sedation Options” page

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