We know that the process of having your wisdom teeth removed can often be stressful and difficult to navigate. With various different options available in Perth, the cost of having a wisdom tooth extraction can vary considerably. Therefore we have written an article to help explain the costs of having a wisdom tooth removed.

Wisdom tooth Extraction in Perth:

According to the Australian Dental Associations fee survey 2020 the average cost of an extraction was between $195 for a simple extraction and $408 for a complex surgical extraction.

The variation in price on extractions comes down to the complexity of the procedure. The more complex extractions often also take longer to do as they may require the tooth and/or the gum to be cut (sectioned) and possibly some bone to be removed.

What other costs would I expect to pay for the removal of wisdom teeth?

How much is a wisdom tooth removal Perth


Typically we will start with a consultation which is normally around $60. In addition to this if you have not had a full mouth xray (OPG) in the past 12 months we will need to take one of these as well. An OPG is usually around $100.

A 3D xray (called a CBCT) may be required in some cases where the roots of the wisdom tooth is close to the nerve or in a difficult position. This gives the dentist a 3D image of the tooth so they can see the exact path of the nerve. This would usually cost between $250 to $400.

Sedation and Sleep Dentistry Costs:

Often patients will opt to have some form of sedation when having their wisdom tooth removed. We offer the most affordable sleep dentistry/sedation options in Perth for the extraction of a wisdom tooth.

The most simple option, and most cost effective, is Laughing Gas. The cost of this is usually around $76 per 30 minutes, and most cases usually take around 60 to 90 minutes to have all four teeth removed.

Treatment under an IV Sedation (sleep dentistry) is also an option. The cost of IV Sedation is usually between $500 to $800 for the removal of wisdom teeth. We are able to provide a Medicare rebate for the cost of the IV Sedation, which is between $205 to $272. For more information on the cost of IV Sedation click here

Finally you can opt to have the treatment done in hospital under a general anaesthetic. We operate at St John of God in Midland. If you have private health insurance with hospital cover then there is no gap on the hospital stay or anaesthetist cost, you just need to pay the excess on your policy (if you have one). Not all hospitals and anaesthetists offer this arrangement and gaps may apply at different hospitals. If you don’t have hospital cover then the hospital and anaesthetist cost starts around $2,800

For more information on the sedation options above click here

What do I do if I have more questions regarding wisdom teeth removal?

Our staff at Perth Sleep Dentistry are here to help answer any of your questions. Our front office staff are made up of experienced dental nurses who are able to answer your questions.

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